Friday, February 15, 2013

966. Finding his own route

I’m telling you a story today. 

A real one. 

Pedagogue and teacher Daniel Pennac, from France, once wrote that when at school a student understood nothing from his teachers. He did not do his homework. Never. He wouldn’t write any essay (composition). 

Nevertheless he was told or suggested to write a novel: one chapter in one week. And the kid took up the task. This kid discovered a new world in reading novels and drawing puppets on blank sheets of paper. In that way something was enhanced there deep inside him – something that moved his brain. 

In my own experience I’ve tried hard some student would improve, but with no success. And then, suddenly, you discover something that fits him and you also discover he’s an ace at something. 

For example, I’ve met some students that had many academic and intellectual problems. And after some period you find they are aces at manual tasks: like caretakers or superintendents in condominiums, or that other who did fantastic by working with his father in a workshop of aluminum windows and the sort. 

I took the first story from Changrin d’école, like I said, by French Daniel Pennac. / Photo from: flightglobal com. i guess the plane is an Airbus 850 yet I’m not sure. I read the book by Pennac in the Spanish version: Mal de escuela.
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