Wednesday, February 20, 2013

971. Learning a foreign language is worth the effort

One day teacher A said to teacher B, “The language learner who achieves the goal of mastering that language and being able to communicate in that language is the person who really, actually wishes to learn and acquire the language. 

He will invest a big effort in learning it, just because he really, actually wishes to do it. 

Probably that learner will put the means to learn the language: register at an academy, read, study, practice speaking… If he is a perseverant person, he likely will carry on this learning for long. 

Notwithstanding some people tell me that you really, actually learn a foreign language when you have the necessity to use the language. You can think of people from Senegal: they learn Spanish because they have come to Spain to earn the money to live.” / Photo from: 66 147 244 232. toucan
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