Sunday, February 24, 2013

973. They are like locomotives

One day teacher A said to teacher B, “It’s just essential the students take the reins of the horse of their process of learning English or any other language. 

In that way, they’ll be the protagonists of that process. 

One possible way – you can do it in the classroom or at tutoring sessions with each student – is to make them become aware that just they are the protagonists of their learning: you could ask them to write 6 ways or actions or strategies they could do to really learn English. If you implement this activity in the classroom, you can ask for volunteers to read their proposals; their classmates can learn from the kids that read their proposals. 

In few words: it’s the person who actually learns and acquires English the one that really and with freedom wishes to learn.” / Photo from: theatlantic com. s_t01_RTR34IBZ. 2012 tour de france    
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