Friday, February 15, 2013

967. A close team of people in the end

Another real story.

It was a remedial summer course for problematic students. 

The students would face exams in September. Discipline and group management were strict and hard and even a bit tough. The schedule included many hours of personal study. Plus classes. The students, on the other hand, had some time for the swimming pool, playing soccer, just chattering, etc. 

Discipline was somehow kinda military or I dunno what. The teachers were serious and competent professionals. It was hot but dry. The students had to fulfill a strict schedule. 

The study sessions were invigilated by a teacher. 

In those circumstances, a teacher told me, it was rather simple a student would give vents to his stress and problems. The kids could count on teachers for tutoring sessions! 

That teacher told me that one kid had given vent to some dire straits he was suffering. He felt happy. He could count on an adult to just tell him his problems and other stuff. 

The average atmosphere of those summer courses was positive anyway. / Photo from: bbc co uk. mark cavendish takes the overall lead in the tour of britain with victory in stage four - his second successive win
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