Friday, February 22, 2013

972. Just simply perseverance!

One day teacher B said to teacher A, “One way you can count on is to repeat and repeat the same message to your students, for them to put nice behavior into themselves. 

And you should say the message in a positive way, maybe smiling, or even neutral: never be naive – I’m referring to a smile that could allow the kids to misbehave. 

Have you ever noticed what tv advertisements do? They repeat the same message – by means of words, images and music. 

Follow the same strategy. I’m trying to give you some examples: say to oldish students that they are capable still to learn English, even acquire it! Another example: repeat to them that the classroom, the school, and the playground should be clean; you know, balls of papers, wrapping papers of pastries and cookies... / Photo from: eslnotepad blogspot com. Stonehenge, near Salisbury, south of England.
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