Wednesday, February 13, 2013

964. Show me a path to success

One day teacher A said to teacher B, “Be careful and cautious with the stuff you teach in your classes: your goal is not merely teaching facts of the language, this is, stuff about: how first and family names work in English if compared to the way Spanish does, etymology, words, words and words, facts and facts about English, but mainly do help the students to learn and acquire English. 

How acquiring English? You teacher - among other things - can talk massively in English, and your students will be listening, acquiring, understanding, using the language. 

I learned this from an ace cited many times in this blog, H. D. Brown. You can read something about him on post # 961 – it’s worth reading the quotations from him in this blog; I wrote a paper about his grand methodology.” / Photo from: virginiatrailguide com. path to pass mountain hut. adam walks along the Appalachian Trail descending Pass Mountain
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