Sunday, February 10, 2013

961. Learning a language as if by fun

I implement many games with my young students and it turns out okay. 

I’ve written a lot about games in this blog. Even you’ve got a list of more than one hundred games on post # 259. 

An expert on learning languages is H. D. Brown, about whom I’ve also written on many posts. I’ve learned a lot from him, for my classes, since I came across his ideas at the beginning of my research for the doctorado (it’s the following step after your college graduation, in case you wanted to carry on your university studies and research in Spain some 20 years ago). 

He states 

Virtually every strategy or gimmick that has been mentioned so far in this book can become a little game. And remember, games are fun. You can take a lighthearted perspective on this language learning process of yours by thinking of it as a game. So, go for the gold! (page 71, from A Practical Guide to Language Learning. A Fifteen-Week Program of Strategies for Success. I published a paper in a university journal, about that book). / Photo from: makeitworkmom com. mom child reading
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