Sunday, February 10, 2013

962. Just I plan the class

One day teacher A said to teacher B, “Your students gaze you take to the classroom some sheet of paper where you planned that day’s class. They see this day after day. They also see you have a glance to those notes from time to time. 

That is an interesting point. Your students notice you plan each class, taking into account what fits a more general planning or curriculum or syllabus. In other words, what fits their advance and progress of learning English [or any other modern language]. 

And what is more, you try each one of them advance in their mastering the language, and setting a real communication in the classroom. 

Go on that way. Your students, likely, will take the school subject of English more consciously and seriously. You’re creating a sound atmosphere of learning English.” / Photo from: fanpop com. Girl Reading books to read 64022_1528_1920
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