Tuesday, February 12, 2013

963. Beauty as educative

One day teacher B said to teacher A, “It’s clear English should be used as a vehicle language in other school subjects. 

Moreover, students should be educated in observing and appreciating beauty – in English – in other subjects. It’s sound to educate students for example in fine arts, in English too. 

However, you can surround students with beautiful things, but those things have to be in connection with their lives. This could be done by means of discussing about paintings for instance, in the classroom. Let them give their opinions in the classes you have with them. Do start you yourself: say something, say a prompt, break the ice. 

If our students acquire sensitivity, we are educating people with human values, like tradition, creativity, inventiveness, imagination!, solving problems, resourcefulness…” / Photo from: people tribe net. venus by milo in louvre    
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