1419. Educating in honesty and sincerity

Teacher A said to teacher B, “When talking with a student about any trouble that he and/or others have committed listen to him, and believe him; do not be naïve, yet tentatively it’s sound to trust in him. 

You’re educating your students in honesty and sincerity, that is, in an atmosphere of honesty and sincerity. 

Don’t show you don’t believe; that tentatively isn’t educative. Now it’s the time of making him realize about the seriousness of the trouble. 

Don’t insist any more. You’re a discerning person that knows how to check if what the student or students say is the same as the truth about the mischievous conducting. 

If what happened is different from the student’s version, then go and talk with him, having him realize about the lack of honesty and sincerity.” / Photo from: lisa serves food. blog licumn edu


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