Saturday, October 26, 2013

1446. More resources of motivation for learning

Teacher A said to teacher B, “Concerning motivation I can also tell you that it depends on the atmosphere at home. 

I knew a father that used to read a lot; their children grew among books, and these latter ones were commented on at meals for example. 

Once there was a young man of 18 that some years before, in hot summers, during siesta time (nap time) used to study progressive English by means of a course book and cassettes. He listened to the cassettes lowly, because it was siesta time in the town. 

At 18 he wanted to study History at college, but his dad suggested to him that he could study Philology of English, which had more chances for a post of work as a teacher, and he did like English. 

The ambiance at home does a lot to children. What they’re starting to be now, they’ll likely be when adults.” / Photo from: www easyviajar com. celtas asturias españa
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