Monday, August 11, 2014

1905. A grand age for grand things

The period of adolescence, say 13 through 18 for example, is a great age for maturing and for education. 

They, teens, need us parents a lot, albeit they turn more to their friends. 

It is a period for communication within the family, though teens trend to create their intimacy, which we should respect. More than trying they should tell us all, we as parents have to listen to their struggles and all their stuff. 

We parents and teacher tutors must listen to them, though we might think all that is trifle; well, it’s their world, a part of their intimacy, something so valuable for them. 

It’s right away the time for listening to them, and for us to give them values and advice. In that way, there arises a mutual understanding. They expect us telling them values and clear criteria for conducting in that new world they’re encountering. / Photo from: my blog. The film is City Lights, released on January 30, 1931. Charlie Chaplin gets in love with a blind girl who sells flowers. Don't miss it!
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