Sunday, August 24, 2014

1935. How was I in the class?


Here I don’t refer to examination of conscience, which is also important for a person; for example we Christians make an exam according to the Ten Commandments, or we compare our lives with the model, Jesus Christ, or before confession. 

Here I want to refer to finding out how we did in the classes, whose examining is a realistic quick view: Have my students learned something? 
Have they gripped and incorporated communicative competences? 
How were the classes? 
What did I do in them? 
How did I help my students acquire the language? 
What have I done so far? 
How far have I reached? 
Am I fulfilling the goals I thought of at the beginning of the school year? 
How are things going? 
How did I conduct in the classes? 
What did I do? 
Are my students happy? Disappointed? Distressed? Willing to learn and acquire English? / Photo from: www theguardian com. teacher at desk
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