1936. Oh, my kids at home make a mess!

It's usual adolescents, teens, show off pride. They feel different, more than ever before. They aren't children any longer. 

They may feel confused, insecure, they have to show what they are, who they are. 

In this process they even can be arrogant. Male teens speak up or shout -- they want to be noticed. 

They like little of their adults, and right now it's when they need us more than ever! It's, again, an important age for their families to help out, even deeply, but at the same time we have to respect their intimacy. 

Parents should be at hand, and even they can prompt a conversation teens don't dare to hold. They have doubts, confusing ones. I don't want to exaggerate, anyway. All of us adults have passed through that age.


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