Saturday, February 6, 2016

2770. Online safety

Online safety. It’s an issue that many parents and educators are worried about, regarding their children or students. 

Some points about this could be said anyway. 

It’s better the computer be in a room of the house where everyone can pass by. 

The main point, however, is for us teachers and parents to get acquainted with what the kids do: we could participate in some way in their chatting or whatever activity they carry out on the computer, and we can have tactful conversations with our kids about what they do online: we’re their parents or educators. 

Many kids, on top of that, hold some online chatting which might hurt them or make them have relationships that we would not like for them. And we should insist on our kids to dedicate more time to study, according to an educator I once met. / Photo from: www startoyschile com. star wars, the awesome rebellious fighter spaceship. The picture is just for illustration sake
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