Thursday, February 11, 2016

2774. On Love

Marta and Pepe used to renew and restore their love. A deep and profound one, this love of that marriage. 

They passed on this love to their children. And these ones noticed and noted their parents’ love, with nothing special: their love could be felt out of them. Their children could see their parents’ love and unconsciously loved one another among them siblings more and more. 

And all this love made them all feel together and was a nice booster for their children’s education. 

The marriage sometimes used to go to some place and talk to each other, and spend an evening together for instance, they alone, and so they could renew and restore their love. Their children then stayed at their grandparents’ house or they stayed at home, the elder siblings taking care of the younger ones. 

This real story is taken from Bárbara Sotomayor and Alberto Masó’s book (2012) El arte del amor. Cómo lograr la plenitud afectiva en la pareja. The characters’ names have been changed. Madrid: Palabra / Photo from: banner everest island peak www snowballexpeditions com. the photo is just an illustration 
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