Friday, February 5, 2016

2769. About Private Classes

Yesterday I began to teach new private classes. One of them is to a kid aged 10. 

Although he’s so young I asked him what he expected from me in order to help him. “What can I do for you?” was the question but in Spanish, amongst other reasons because it was a tutoring session rather than a class proper. 

I guess this question can put him to a point of responsibility for being the student. What I meant was that he is the Protagonist of his own learning process. I tried to pass him on that responsibility. 

At these classes I’ll speak in Spanish – about his homework, his tests, his grammar stuff…- except when I want to help him to improve his speaking competence and skill. / Photo from: LR-carlsberg3 newdiscovery blogfa com. the picture is just for fun and for an illustration to the post. I would appreciate any of you native English speakers to correct my prepositions use
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