Saturday, February 13, 2016

2778. Is There Any Teaching Ethics Stuff?

Teaching ethics. We teachers should also take into account the ethics of our job and profession. 

Am I ethical? Am I aware I influence on my students? 

Do I have the person into account, for we work with people, with persons? For example, do I take care of small details important though? Do I take the student into a thorough person account? 

Do I take care of small tiny things like planning the class in a thorough way? As a language teacher, am I honest and upright as for instance giving the true and real word which a student asks from me? 

Do I speak in real authentic English? Or rather my English is shabby and seedy? Do I try to improve my English (if I’m not a native speaker)? / Photo from: www wired com. I chose this picture because there’s a bionic ethics as well. Think of a computer I can have installed in my body, which makes decisions
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