Monday, February 15, 2016

2781. Be Creative and Imaginative!

We teachers should be creative. There are more genius teachers than we think. 

The teacher must have human values and virtues. He or she can’t give to their students what they don’t have. 

And his or her students should have fortitude, solidarity, charity, environmental friendship, generosity, honesty, sincerity, joy, being audacious, etc. And all those values and virtues are gotten through daily work. 

When for example communicating and talking with her students, the teacher should love them, with love of benevolence, be polite and delicate, have fortitude when correcting mistakes and errors, think of her students’ process of learning and acquiring English. 

As well the teacher will try to carry out neat and technically-good implementing activities. It’s up to you. If you chose to make a shabby and seedy and unimaginative labor you would have lost time, I guess. / Photo from: blogs comblogs com
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