Saturday, February 20, 2016

2786. Toward a Happy Marriage Definitely

Pepe and Marta loved each other, and although a nice number of years had passed since their marriage, they could hold a similar love to the one they had when just married. 

This love has been passed on to their children, and these ones could notice their parents’ love, in the way they treated each other, with an exquisite respect and affection. 

From time to time the marriage traveled aside and then they were just one for the other. 

They kept being lovers, authentic lovers, plus they didn’t utilize the other for just sex relationships, but their love on bed was genuine and fine. It was the expression of the love each one had to the other. 

Besides this tender love was open to life, since they did not use prophylactics, condoms: their love was open to life, like I said. Some ideas have been taken from Bárbara Sotomayor and Alberto Masó (2012) El arte del amor. Cómo lograr la plenitud afectiva en la pareja. Madrid: Palabra. / Photo from: www elmundo es
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