Friday, February 26, 2016

2793. A Practical Tip for Private Classes

We may have private classes with a playful kid and a bit of a rascal, but let’s bear in mind that he will receive what we tell him, though he may look he hasn’t listened to us teachers, and he looks so far from what we tell him for his improvement. 

Something remains in his inward mind. 

Something stays in his mind, but maybe we can’t see the fruit of our marvelous labor now. Others will receive and collect what we’ve sown. 

If we treat him well and with affection, he’ll receive what we say to him. Stay calm. It’ll be so. 

Oh, and we teachers must learn how to listen to him! What he's saying is important for him. Listen. / Photo from: www turismodecantabria com. this region is where I have my family roots, north of Spain
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