3225. What a Motivated Person can Do!

I know an English-language teacher that got C2 level of that language, which as you may know is the top level of a language. And with stays that were few and short in English-speaking countries. What was his secret?
His attitude. Yes, just his attitude. He was eager to learn and acquire the language. He learned his English in Spain, while speaking in that tongue with American people – above all, also with British people but less.
He practiced the four skills of the language: listening, speaking, reading and writing, in that order of importance. He listened to radio stations on the Internet, spoke with native people, read a lot in books and had a blog where he posted in English. And he was a new-word hunter: every or close to every word he saw he made a nice effort to learn it and through that he learned a vast lexis.
Regularly he still reads, every single day and writes his daily post on the Web. Some people say sometimes you can’t see the foreign learner when reading what he writes, well more or less it’s so.
As I told you he’s an English-language teacher and he assures that with teaching English you at the same time learn English, you teach English, you learn English. People from schools and summer camps count on him as a teacher and assessor about teaching/learning that tongue, that marvelous tongue.

Well, anyway, he's a regular and ordinary guy! / Photo from: wallpapers-paisajes-isla-hd-1045. That teacher assists in summer camps.


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