3230. Managing a Classroom Nice!

If you’re a head teacher or have other teachers under you and you know there’s a mess and misbehavior continually at another teacher’s classroom, you shouldn’t interrupt and butt in his lesson so as to pacify the students.
Why? Because he will for sure lose authority. We may think we’re doing well and helping that teacher with problems but ultimately we’re making him lose his authority.
We as head or experienced teachers should help that teacher with problems but in a different way. It may be more difficult to teach a teacher to exert his authority than learning oneself to have that authority.
So let’s talk with him and pass on our experience to him. And let’s remember that that teacher may be suffering from that misbehavior. Ultimately that teacher has to learn by himself how to exert his authority, because it is something you learn on your own.
As a friend of mine, another teacher said, the first year of your career as a teacher you suffer a lot, the second year less, and the third year you’re in your element or close to that.
On this blog there’s plenty of advice about discipline and class management. So remember: don’t interrupt someone’s lesson, although you may be feeling some nagging thought that you should enter the classroom and carry out some course of action. / Photo from: did-tradition-playing-bagpipes-funerals-police-officers-firefighters-originate Reference com. That parade on the pic shows a sheer discipline!


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