3234. Our Students Like Stories!

Reading texts in the target language is a nice and suitable activity, which one we have to exploit a lot: reading makes you learn that target language.
And better if those texts are meaningful to our students. They must be meaningful and interesting to them. But also providing texts that seem not to be interesting for our students can be a challenge to those people… The condition is that those texts may be interesting per se, in themselves, and might increase our students’ culture, because, as I said, they’re interesting per se, in themselves. And we teachers must help our students increase their culture.
Those texts deserve an extra effort from our students, and we’ll have to lead in those scripts, by making some lead-in activities, like eliciting vocabulary or ideas about those texts that are new to our students. That extra effort may mean some challenge by the students.
We teachers might explain positive points about those scripts, so the students may get attracted by those new topics. Even those texts may ultimately be motivating for those people, in the end. Both fiction and non-fiction are great for reading! And as I said, reading is a language learning booster. / Photo from: Paisaje-de-Carretera-de-Ferrocarril_Hermosos-Paisajes-Naturales. That picture might be the background of a thriller text...


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