Saturday, July 8, 2017

3229. How to Understand Our Teens

Oh our teens and adolescents! We have to be patient with them, also because we have gone through that important period too!
And they’re in our hands. We have people who are traveling through a period of their lives that is crucial for their education and formation! We grown-ups can influence a lot on their lives and biographies. On their lives now and in the future too.
We must love them and wish the best to them. What we do and what we don’t do influence on them a lot and that’s for sure. It is something to be expected that they do peculiar and even rather odd things and they may have a behavior which is not predictable. They’re even strange to themselves and can’t understand themselves!
But also let’s remember that that age is one of high ideals and high compromises. They have thirst for the genuine and authentic. Because of that they sometimes dress and behave the way they do. Remember we have to try and understand them, and be patient. They’re great anyway! / Photo from: YouTube. The picture is a nice illustration.

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