Tuesday, July 4, 2017

3226. Reading Is Great! Look!

Interiorizing reading so as for it to stay inside somehow, in our interior side I mean.
I wrote that sentence yesterday. And it serves the purpose for many things. I mean, reading carefully is a nice learning strategy but also it is good for many other things. Interiorizing what is being read is useful for example to our students. Also to externalize the genius they carry in their inside! For them to write essays, to write stories, to write books, it is necessary and sort of customary to read massively. It’d be silly to spoil possible geniuses we might have among our students, wouldn’t it be?
Teachers as well have to read, if they want to improve as teachers and as persons, maybe as dads and as moms. And the summer break can be nice and adequate for reading.
Now I focus on the teachers’ case. We should read about education and about teaching, though there may be a long sequence of years since we started our career as teachers. Formation and training does not finish ever! But select what you read, anyway.
On the other side, many of you teachers can write about your classroom experiences. They are valuable. Share those experiences with us your colleagues.
When reading on education and teaching try to study what you’re reading. So read as if the sentences and ideas would be getting stuck inside. Try and make mental conclusions and summaries of the main ideas, as you’re reading. If you study you’ll gain moral authority and nice experience for advising your dear students!
You will be transmitting nice and useful ideas to your students, as if you were transmitting through osmosis or by contagion. Nothing is lost! Whatever we teachers do with love is never lost. It remains inside our students. Last but not least: let’s select what we read: it must be adequate for human beings that want to live as thorough, honorable and upright persons. / Photo from: bagpiper pinterest com. The picture is a nice illustration.

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