3227. A Nice Way of Managing the Classroom

Self-discipline. That is just necessary. It is not enough we think we can manage the classroom. It is necessary for the students to have and develop self-discipline.
Yes, because only in that way they’ll set to work and learn. And self-discipline can be taught to those students. How? Well, explaining to them the advantages and necessity of working and trying to learn, this is, making them think!
And we’ll implement this with the advertising psychology: repeating the same message both with similar words and in different modes also, and often with a challenging smile.
Self-discipline is paramount: it’s the students the ones who have to wish to learn. When we achieve our students would wish to learn, the road is open to us. Alike we’ll reinforce our students’ discipline by telling them what they’re doing fine and making them recognize and rationalize what’s wrong about their behavior and attitude.
Self-discipline: it is necessary to make our students grow and increase that classroom discipline. And a quick trick to set them working is by implementing a dictation. And from that setting we’ll be able to make them think what is adequate and fine to do.
If we’re teachers enamored of our profession, our knowledge area, and treating our students with affection and care, we will for sure transmit and pass on our likes for that knowledge area to our dear students, sooner or later. / Photo from: Paisajes_Wallpapers-1080p_02. The picture is just an illustration.


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