3235. In an Atmosphere like at Home!

Our students should be educated in both freedom and responsibility. There are few rules. Also there’s a schedule or timetable. They’re treated as persons, with freedom and responsibility.
In that way they can grow without stridencies. In that way they can learn and study just because they want to, helped by their teachers. Why a schedule or timetable and a few rules? For their happiness, ultimately: we want they should grow up in an atmosphere of calm and fortitude.
If there’s a problem we will correct that kid aside; in other words we’ll try he should realize about what’s wrong. With freedom and responsibility they can learn, work and study in a nice and pleasant way: they wish to learn.
All of them feel at home, and the school is a prolongation of home and their families: those parents entrust their kids to us teachers: they don’t delegate their thorough education in our hands but we help those parents and families educate their offspring.
Students love their liberty and they learn to respect other students’ ones. Every student is respected whatever his social background is. And they also live a thorough friendship: their talents are invested to help others. / Photo from: mars-surface-eva-drilling NASA. The picture is a curious illustration.


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