Thursday, July 13, 2017

3233. What a Scenery!

I rarely write about environmental friendship, and it’s quite important. Well I’ve written something before.
And we have to achieve our young students would gain some respect and a nice attitude toward our beautiful planet. We’re educating future citizens, even present citizens!
When we take our students to an excursion we teachers have to set an example and teach those kids to litter garbage into garbage containers. As well we can teach our students to admire a beautiful landscape. By educating our students in beauty we’re helping them become more human and more honorable. And we’ll see this improvement even at classroom behavior. For sure.
We can also teach them how to recycle plastic, glass, paper, oil, etc. I remember quite many years ago we had an English reader-book about recycling, in English, which is the school subject I teach. It was pretty interesting, and we had nice discussions about recycling.
This subject matter can be an interdisciplinary nature to be studied among different school subjects: science, English, social studies, history, physics, chemistry, morals and ethics… It’s nice.
We shouldn’t forget about reducing the CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions. In other words we should educate our kids in a sober and rational way of living and loving nature, animals, plants, minerals, environments, landscapes… Of course not forgetting, in the first place, loving human beings, from the nasciturus or unborn child to the elderly. / Photo from: phuket-islands-thailand-wallpaper-61746

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