3249. Affection toward Our Students Is Necessary

Our dear students have to create and make up their communicative competences in the target language, okay. And the chance they have is in the classroom proper, right?
Sometimes we talk about either a second or a foreign language, but English in Spain is somehow a second language, because so many things are in that tongue in real life. So English might not be a foreign language anymore, but a second one, with a qualified certainty. In Spain now you can hear more and more English on the streets. Or at least in some cities, like Granada, the so much touristic Granada.
Coming back to the classroom I can tell you that with my adult students my experience is that you can have that special atmosphere in the classroom all the time, also before and after the English lesson, because all or some of my students ask me questions in English when I just entered the classroom, which curiously is a library.
Summing up I can assure you my students are developing nice communicative competences or skills. We focus on communication and merely sometimes on correct and neat grammar.
The important point is communicating in English, this is, producing messages that are interpreted by me their teacher and by their classmates. Summing up again it’s worth to create that atmosphere in the classroom, where English is the language amid us. They associate me with English, and thus they address me in English! / Photo from: Zastavski com. For today I chose a nice picture as an illustration. Sunday is for God and for relaxing, and riding a horse is okay with that week day.


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