Wednesday, August 9, 2017

3240. Are You a Charismatic Teacher?

Some useful and interesting points for today. I know about a man that used to say that the more you study something the more you like it! And that’s something we can explain to our students. The more you learn about something the more you’ll be interested on it.
He had chosen the degree of Medicine, kind of by chance. However he had applied all his energies to studying that degree and really he became a prestigious doctor in Spain, Eduardo Ortiz de Landázuri. He died in 1985.
He also said – he as well became a college professor – that being a kind-hearted and good-natured teacher was not against being a teacher that could achieve to lead a class of students. Kindness was not against classroom-management and discipline.
Alike I know a teacher that even smiles often to his students, and his students have a big respect toward him! He has kind of some charisma, yet he’s normal. / Photo from: Today I Found Out. The picture is just an illustration.
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