Monday, August 14, 2017

3242. Thinking of the New School Year

Some days ago I wrote: “Even in a hostile atmosphere you can gain authority. By working with commitment, dedication, affection, and benevolence love.”
I wrote that for posting today. And I guess it is true. Think of it. I’m thinking of my colleagues in secondary schools or Spanish “institutos”, where often it is not simple to teach. You have to gain your students to your side by affection, commitment, dedication and love of benevolence.
Also I’m thinking of a movie where a rookie young female teacher gained her students in a high school by putting in her students’ shoes by making them write diaries about their lives, sorrows and pains... and joys alike! She learned about her students in that way. She could think in her lesson plans by putting in her students’ shoes. / Photo from: read-a-book-day-fun Time and Date

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