3251. Alleviating Our Students' Pains Is Necessary

We teachers cannot separate nor split being a teacher and being concerned about each and every student of ours.
More than being worried about them, any of them I mean, we should be concerned, and we can think how we can alleviate our students’ sorrows and concerns, and share their joys as well.
They expect that from us, up to some extent. Although they may be troublesome sometimes or even often.
Now I’m remembering a teacher I had at my secondary school. I was fourteen, and one day I was kind of worried, serious or a bit sad in the classroom. I was holding my head between my hands. And that teacher, Mr. Miguel Ponce, a nice priest, asked me, at the beginning of one class whether I was fine or not. And I answered something not very polite or elegant anyway.
After some time I realized he had been nice with me and not me toward him. I had replied as a teen that doesn’t like to be asked by an adult. It was a nice thing by him – I don’t know what is about him, or even if he has departed. All a gentleman of him. / Photo from: HireRush Com. That picture fits here.


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