Friday, August 25, 2017

3247. Having Fun by Writing Fiction Compositions!

The new school year is about to start, right? And we teachers will get so committed with our students and our classes.
We will try our students would make good use of the class time. But is it sensible to assign homework, or otherwise it is okay with the school lessons and that’s it? How much homework should we teachers assign?
I would tell you that homework is necessary, just necessary. For example if we are second or foreign language teachers, our students need extra time at home when they’re easy and relaxed to re-read texts we have worked out at school. When our students are relaxed at home – hopefully they’re so! – they should dedicate some time for re-reading, doing some drill exercise, some more fiction writing or non-fiction essays, focusing on some grammar point and practicing by using it in meaningful contexts…
So the answer is a qualified YES, they should have SOME homework.
However let’s consider that those students of ours have other school subjects – math, science, history, chemistry, philosophy… - and they should have enough time for those other subjects: let’s not assign too much homework.
I was thinking of our case, second or foreign language teachers: our students do need time at home to study, to reinforce their communicative competences by using the language for creative writing and enjoying it, by interacting with us their teachers through online computer writing, etc. / Photo from: Castillo de Santa Barbara Ayuntamiento de Alicante. I posted that pic because it might be inspiring for writing fiction compositions.

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