3246. Are You Excited before the New School Year?

The committed teacher! The committed teacher will for sure dedicate some time – which may be not paid anyway! – to think of some basic general points about the school year that is about to start.
It depends on the teacher but some of them are used to thinking about that new school year afresh, starting from some general points toward something more punctual. And when thinking in general, he will think: What can I expect from my new students, or from the students I had last year? Or also: What main aims should I have before the new school year?
And he’ll think of one or two general goals. And he will also dream high about his doing and what his students are going to do. And he can think of these points while strolling along a park or the countryside or wherever, or when right opposite his computer, before planning that school year.
What I mean is that before the actual planning he should ask himself what he has to do and what his students have to do, at the view or sight, an overall sight, from his experience last year. What was fine? What do I have to do to improve such and such things that went odd or bad?
Let’s shed a fresh light on my professional work. And that certainly means he’s a very professional teacher, on whom the school can rely! / Photo from: Indiana University of Pennsylvania


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