Friday, August 11, 2017

3241. He Achieved Some Nice Authority!

How to manage a large classroom? I was thinking of the summer camp I helped out at, last July. One day one teacher had a session with more than thirty teens. He had to set them working in teams! He achieved to rope all the boys in the class. He leant on a PowerPoint presentation. He addressed each kid in some way.
The most important point was that he had moral authority: those kids respected and loved him. He treated the boys with interest, affection, gravity, respect, formality. He had something special, ordinary though, at the same time.
He is an experienced teacher, and experience makes the difference. Also I would dare say that he was honorable, honest and upright, and he has devoted his professional life to teaching teens. It’s something you notice soon, pretty soon. Up to some extent the students could “smell” he’s a committed professional. And I’ve seen this in other teachers too. / Photo from: Animalia Life. The picture is just a nice illustration.
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