Tuesday, August 29, 2017

3250. Teaching and Learning with the Right Stuff!

Oh, you know, I’m not sure at all but quite many people now bet that the flipped-classroom model is okay for learning.
You may know about it. The students would firstly read from the Internet about some topic they have to learn about, and they’d do so at home, and also they would kind of visualize the topic also at home, as I said, or in libraries.
And in the classroom they with their teacher and their classmates would gently discuss about their findings.
Some people state that it’s a revolutionary way of learning and it’s great, in few words. But I put a question: is it not okay first for the teacher to say something about the topic or topics before the kids seek and search for stuff about those issues?
Anyway their teacher could help his students look for valid material, this is, he would help focus the topic or topics, because on the Web there’s plenty – actually too much about this or that theme, is that right? I think the teacher should assist in some way the searching by the students at home or in libraries. / Photo from: YouTube

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