Monday, August 21, 2017

3245. When Our Students Are Great!

Our students should get some communicative competence, I said on last post. Some communicative competence in the second or foreign language, I referred to.
Communication in the target language should be predominant in the classroom. I bet we teachers should foster that communication, even when giving announcements in the target language, announcements about school logistics and other school stuff.
The point is creating an atmosphere where English (our target tongue) is the vehicle language for dealing with all in the classroom. Even grammar points could be presented by the teacher or by the students in English, making sure those students can understand well! And for that we have to use clear and properly vocalized language.
Also we will illustrate the grammar point with sentences the students can understand. So let’s hinder the temptation of using the mother tongue. Even we could elicit example sentences from the students, as they’re understanding the grammar point which is being presented.
All this I’m saying may be demanding, but we’re creating the humus or soil where our students can learn and acquire English and therefore grow their “target language plant”. They can acquire English even if they’re adults. But for that we should output and convey massive speech in English!
Try and carry out all this to find out if it works! Mostly our students are great! / Photo from: XciteFun net. The picture may be showing something about conveying messages, as those kids look they’re kind of shouting messages.

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