Monday, August 7, 2017

3239. Preparing the New School Year

I was thinking of the English summer camp I arrived from some days ago. Oh, it’s been so great. We’ve had fun and also the kids have learned so much English and practiced listening, speaking, reading and writing. Great.
Also they’ve learned and practiced other competences or skills, like working in teams, speaking in public, debating and discussing… Even they’ve learned to make their beds in the morning. And all of them were nice, in spite of a few punctual behavior problems. When you treated the boys aside, they reacted in a nice way.
At the cafeteria or canteen as well they’ve learned to eat their meals nice. I was also thinking that these boys are our future citizens, the ones that will lead our lives.
Some also nice anecdote was that we visited Gibraltar, which is a nice piece of the UK at the south cape of Spain. Even they’ve learned to treat God as a You, as a person, as a dad, with a limitless love like many dads and moms together.
What may they be doing now? Their families also have noticed the nice change in those kids. They’re better sons. And we teachers and monitors have also learned quite much from them. Last but not least they’ve approached levels B1, B2, C1… each kid the level he needs to pass. Remember that B1 and 2 are intermediate and C1 is advanced. / Photo from: campusa ie. That picture is not of our summer camp
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