3365. What to Do with Efficient Learners

My experience with adults and our elderly is great. They’re great, yes they are.
And the best I can do for them is trying to win and gain them.
In Spanish we say something like “putting them into your pocket”, which means that you win them as nice and efficient learners.
In such cases we have to correspond to their effort at learning. We have to respond to their struggle to learn for example English, which is my case. In those cases you have to be kind and nice with them.
Of course you must respect them too. The teacher cannot humiliate any student in the classroom, right? Even more in the case of adults and old people.
As well they’re so grateful! They’re valuable people: they devote a lot of time to still learn more and more. Also they demand great from themselves – that’s my experience. / Photo from: Brooklyn Bridge


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