3374. A Powerful Engine of Learning!

We as foreign or second language teachers should get our students into immersion in that target language.
Well, that said I would add that the level at which we speak in the classroom should be a bit above our students’ one or ones.
Only in that way will they learn and acquire that tongue.
So our level, the one we use in the classes should not be much above our students’ ones nor much lower those levels.
Our students will thus acquire English or whatever tongue we teach.
Acquiring is a not aware way of learning. Learning is the way they get the language in an aware way, by studying, reading, listening, etc. Acquisition, on the other hand, is subconscious.
And can teens or adults also acquire a language? They can, indeed. One example of acquisition is when we are reading a book in the target language: we may be acquiring the language without being conscious of that fact. / Photo from: 30s cars theglobeandthemail com. If you compare 40s cars with 30s cars you can see that in these ones the headlights are not integrated into the car body.


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