3373. Beauty Is Educative!

Taking care of little things is important for a teacher. It is, indeed.
Everyday teaching is composed of little things:
cleaning the board after my class, for the next teacher to find it clean and neat;
having my students arrange their desks at the end of the work day or after a class if they got disordered;
teaching my students to use the bathroom well and thinking it will be cleaned by the cleaning staff or personnel, mostly ladies;
not dropping bags and wrapping paper at the playground;
having my students have small jobs for them to also learn to take care of little things;
dealing with the school material in a nice way for it to last for long, quite long;
having their tablets screens rather clean, from time to time;
using their books in a neat way…
All that said is very educative. Maybe we will not find the fruit of our work now, but our students will be so grateful for our work when they become more mature or adults. Our job as teachers simply is great. / Photo from: Chevrolet-2017-Oldtimer-gallery_-Cars_-1940-Chevrolet_-40s-era-cars carboard pro. Another classic car: its owner must have taken care of it in a nice way.


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