3376. On Becoming Brilliant Teachers

If we have to teach classes, we must dedicate time to studying.
I know I know, you may be busy teachers, but in some way we all should study, which means thinking.
And we can think while teaching, in some way or other. If possible, we could dedicate and devote time to reading websites, blogs, books on teaching, on education, on family, on philosophy, on teaching trends… always in accordance to human dignity.
Some teachers keep a journal or diary or just jot down some notes about their teaching experiences.
Have a nice day; oh, I’ll be out of Granada for a few days. On purpose: Have a nice day! / Photo from: old-Car-Insurance. Here you can see a 50s car, and you can compare it with 30s and 40s cars and notice their evolution in design. Some of you can recall this kind of cars.


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