3368. How Is Your Self-Esteem?

We have to be happy when we go to our daily work.
Also while we’re carrying it out.
Why so? Because we’re doing our best and fulfilling our duty the best way we know of.
Unless we’re working fine and doing our best we have got to rectify and mend our fulfilling our duties. We have to be glad we can carry out our job. Plus we have the authority proper of the person who is accomplishing his obligations and duties.
Thus our students will see we have some nice authority, proper of the person who, as I said, is doing his best.
All that feeling will help us achieve our goals for that class we’re about to teach. So we have to give away any possible self-destructive thought that we are not fulfilling our nice and beautiful job as teachers.
Yes, Fernando, but I have these or those problems at my job and…! Well try and do your best: any teacher that works that way should be peaceful: you try to work better and better and also look for improving yourself as a person alike, come on, stay calm!
/ Photo from: mobile-evolution dnpr com ua. Okay there’s a lot of corruption by some people, but also many a person try to behave well and therefore we get amelioration at everyday stuff. One example? Look at the picture: we’ve improved mobile telephony and phones are better and better, smaller and smaller, more and more efficient.


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