3369. Our Job as Teachers Is So Great!

We as teachers have a public work. We’re on the summit of the classroom.
So whatever we do or whatever we don’t influence on our students, our dear students.
We should set an example, however we choose one model or another of teaching. We somewhat have the responsibility of our students’ behavior. We influence upon our students.
Although it’s the parents who have the main role at educating our students, we have a subsidiary or complementary role at educating them.
All this is serious and beautiful at the same time.
However, we’re not alone, for we can tentatively count on our colleagues and principals or principal deputies. And of course we can count on our Father God’s help. We teachers have to be strong and have fortitude, for we in some way are leading our students’ lives.
We set an example, firstly at working hard.
I know that most of you are dedicated teachers. We must have fortitude because we hold our students’ lives, in some way. We hold our students morally too.
In few days I will write a bit more on these points.
Do I say all this to choke and encumber ourselves? Not at all: our job is great and we can count on others and on God, as I said. We’re not alone.
Have a nice day, teachers and students! Oh also we can count on the experience we’re gaining over time, at each class, a class after another class. / Photo from: sunset-flight Holiday Extras


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