3367. Having some Fun in the Classroom

Sense of humor in the classroom? It’s great!
We teachers have to learn how to laugh at ourselves, to lessen the burden our work usually carries along.
I know a teacher that sometimes has a small laugh in the classroom. It’s a clever gesture. It alleviates his students’ burden and the tasks that they carry out in the classroom.
He has achieved to manage his classes so he can permit himself to have a small laugh, which fosters his students’ work in the classroom.
In that way he encourages his students too. In no way is that a silly laughing but a clever and elegant one, yes sir, it is indeed. As well those small laughing and smiling accomplish to engage his students into the activity they’re carrying out.
He engages his students in the class he’s teaching.
Also we can bear this truth in mind: “The more you get used to laughing each day, the less effort you’ll have to make.” I had that quotation on my notes but now I cannot tell you the source, I’m afraid. It was inside some photocopies a student of mine gave me yesterday. / Photo from: avion-1 gsh al. I posted a beautiful picture.


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