3366. All of You Are Important at the School!

Hello teachers and students!
The power and efficiency of a school is the addition of the power and efficiency of all the teachers together, plus the administrators, the cooks, the lady cleaners or cleaner personnel, the families, the students.
If you’re the principal of your school or any director of studies or any teacher, whosoever you are, you should take care of all those people.
And who are more important, the students, the teachers or the parents?
I would say the order has to be parents, teachers and then students.
If we care and look after the parents and families we have much already fulfilled. Why? Because the first educators are the parents.
The parents do not entrust their children’s education to their teachers: it’s them who have to take care and educate their kids. And this mission and this role are fortunately in their hands, in the parents’ hands.
The teachers’ work is subsidiary, this is, the teachers HELP, but the parents’ education role is in THEIR hands.
And also remember that the school efficiency is the addition of the work carried out by every individual at the school. Sláinte! Cheers! / Photo from: puente-golden-gate-1024x658 Turismo EEUU


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