Sunday, November 6, 2011

739. The right swing at the right moment

While driving back home after school teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “Like I told you last week – what I meant then – is that a teacher must acquire prudence, good sense.

Think for example of assigning as homework to read a text from the textbook, which includes examples of the difference of usage between past simple and past continuous, which also is at that moment better than setting as homework just to do a drill about that difference of the two verbal tenses: the former homework is, at that moment, more appropriate than a mere exercise about those tenses.

Another example of good sense and prudence is noticing this or that student keeps on not participating in the class: he said the last thing in class five or six days ago – too much, perhaps.

You then try to facilitate his participating – you wait with patience, you give him or her some clue, you slightly praise their trying, and as a result you’re helping to build their self-esteem.

One other day you cleverly find out that then it’s the right moment to demand more from your students because they got interested in some topic and they wish to go on talking about it in English.

Man, we do need to acquire and gain this prudence and wisdom to manage the class, and what’s more, to educate them.

Like you know, our labor is not just teaching English. Your attitude in the class can be a marvelous chance to really educate your kids.” / Photo from: uncg edu. sofia aidemark swedish ure

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