Monday, November 7, 2011

740. They're following your directions

One day teacher of English B said to teacher of English A, “Yesterday Sunday, I saw a mom that was repeating the same order or warning to her little kid, like, ‘Don’t climb up that verandah; you can fall down’.

And she said the same warning several times, in a louder and louder voice. Meanwhile the kid was not listening to his mom. This was in the central green downtown.

Farther was another mom, who, in a low voice, was telling her son not to climb up somewhere, in a nice but firm voice, and she went on to explain what could happen to the kid, the possible consequences of this climbing up to that dangerous place. She didn’t repeat the same sentence too much. She expected the kid to do things nice.

Well, this is an example I’ve invented but it could help you, in your classes, whenever you’ve got to say an instruction to your students. Don’t repeat the same thing many times. Just once, or twice, in clear and simple terms, calmly, helping your students see the advantages of doing something correct.

This conducting is educative.” / Photo from: panoramio com. by sluppus. Boys in an excursion

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