Saturday, November 26, 2011

754. My student's 'cooking' next test

Today I’ve translated the email I sent to Javi’s mom, about this kid’s progress in learning English and in studying for a test he once had within a couple of days. The original Spanish version is on post # 753. / Photo from: logosoftwear com. running baker

Dear Luisi,

Kind greetings.

Here you have some rules – better said, suggestions – that might help Javi to prepare for the next test. I do mean suggestions, for evidently it’s him who is learning how to study, with my help, but ultimately he is the one who is finding his unique, and efficient way how to learn English.

I’d appreciate if you passed this email over to him.

1. Javi, read, and read, over and over what you have in the pages of your coursebooks. This is what you’ll face up in the test. Be aware of the ways you learn grammar, vocabulary, idioms; ponder about your own way of learning. In this way you’re going to find your unique learning style, which will take you to pass the upcoming test. Within 2 or 3 years, 5 at the most, you sure will have to speak with other people whose communication language is English.

2. Each and every sentence you read, each minute you dedicate to studying, will make you get tenths of the total grade [In Spain ususally, among primary and secondary students, tests have 10 questions or activities, or in any case the total upper grade is 10 points; thus, 5/10 means just pass].

3. It’s essential to pass this test. I don’t mean you should get choked, simply carry on studying. I assure you are advancing. Let’s go to get the grade of 5 or 6; better said YOU go to get those grades. It’s crucial to pass this test. It isn’t enough, though, you’re learning more and more; well this is very valuable, anyway, I’d even say this is the important thing: to keep on advancing and learning more and more.

4. Make your handwriting a clear one. This helps your teacher to read your test and makes the grading kinder for her; as well this nice handwriting is a part of the grading.


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